From the players to the coaches to the administrators to the boosters, University of Miami football in the '90s was dirty, underhanded, morally and ethically suspect. It was also the best. But unlike the other schools which almost certainly went out of their way to project a squeaky clean image, the U was downright unapologetic for its on-field antics. And you know what? That shit was entertaining.

Part of ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series (all of which are now on Netflix!), The U presents a very candid look at the school's golden era, told mainly though the laundry list of former players, many of whom went on to become NFL stars. Big hits, trash talk, money, drugs, gold and girls all figured in to the downfall of The U, which is now a shell of its former self (probably for the better). But we'll always have this doc to help us remember. [Netflix]