The Ultimate Answer: 42 Space Timelapses From Expedition 42

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The six astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station diligently document the wonder of living in orbit around our fragile planet. Are you ready to indulge in beauty from above?


Between cracking references to the Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy, Expedition 42 recorded 42 timelapses for your vicarious pleasure. At least, it was 42 timelapses briefly — they've already added a few more to the expedition's playlist! Browse them all, or enjoy these five representative samples of gratuitous beauty.


Top image: The view from the cupola really does trump all other views from anywhere else. Astronauts regularly glue themselves to the window, documenting the view for us at home. Credit: NASA/Terry Virts

Moonset on 30 December 2014

The's shape is distorted by our thick atmosphere, slowly regaining its familiar form as it climbs above the planet.

City Lights over Europe on 10 December 2014

Clouds add texture to this simple night view over Europe, while aurora spice things up with a hint of excitement.


Aurora Over The West Coast on 13 December 2014

Yet more clouds, city lights, and aurora, but the green glint from the ocean adds a distinctly special highlight.


A Stormy Night In Africa on 27 December 2014

An experiment on the space station tracks lightning in order to better understand terrestrial sources of gamma ray bursts.


A Station In Perpetual Sunlight on 2 January 2015

A few times a year, the space station's orbit is in such a high beta angle that it is in perpetual sunlight. When it happened this winter, it postponed the Dragon cargo run.


As a last bonus, this weekend the crew captured a timelapse of the very last ESA ATV cargo tug puffing away from the space station, en route to a fiery breakup to commemorate Valentine's Day.

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Think there is a mistake in one of the titles to a video you have in this article. The one showing "City Lights Over Europe" is not Europe, that is the US.