What Does Moonset Look Like From The International Space Station?

The moon has been tempting astronauts into snapping its photo frequently in the lead-up to tomorrow's full moon.

Top image: Moon catching fiery red as it sets. Credit: NASA/Butch Wilmore


When the moonset lines up with one of the station's many sunrises, combination of changing skies and moon is simply beautiful. As the moon sinks behind the thick terrestrial atmosphere, its shape is distorted. At the same time, the sunrise lightens each slice of sky the sky to a paler blue.

Time series composite of moonset as seen from the International Space Station. Image credit: NASA/Butch Wilmore

Earlier in the week, astronaut Terry Virts caught the bulging moon in a six-second time-lapse:


For more views of the moon seen from the station, here's a crescent moon above a darkened planet, and the station passing in front of the moon from here on Earth.


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