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A Crescent Moon Above a Darkened Planet

The Expedition 40 crew on the International Space Station are very good at remembering to be awestruck by their surreal surroundings. On May 30, 2014, one of them stayed plastered to a window staring at the delicate sliver of the moon over the gentle curve of the Earth's horizon.

Illustration for article titled A Crescent Moon Above a Darkened Planet

Moon over the Earth from the International Space Station on 30 May 2014. Image credit: NASA

This isn't the first time we've seen the moon from the International Space Station: this view highlights atmospheric layers, while the moon looks downright enormous in this view. For a totally different perspective, this is the International Space Station passing in front of the moon as seen from Earth.


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It is a fortunate age we live in, when the spirit of awe and wonder has not yet been blunted by over-familairy, and sights such as these are not yet taken for granted. Likewise, we are fortunate that those who venture out in the edge of the Beyond are yet willing and able to share these moments with us all to savor.