The Unexpected Outcomes In These Videos Are More Satisfying Than You Think

GIF: Vimeo

An artist named Daihei Shibata created a series of interstitial shorts for a Japanese educational TV show called Design Ah. They mess with viewers’ expectations of what’s going to happen, except that the unexpected ways they play out are surprisingly even more satisfying to watch.


There are currently three videos in Shibata’s It’s Different From What You Expected series, realized through a mix of trick photography and what we’re assuming is a copious amount of visual effects and CG. That, or Shibata is simply bending the laws of our universe like Doctor Strange, Morpheus, and Inception, all at the same time.


[Vimeo via Bored Panda]


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Does anyone else find it irritating that the dude repeats the same phrase at the beginning and end of each clip?