The Unofficial Theory Of Sci-Fi Connectivity

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Click to viewIf you've ever suspected that all of your favorite shows, books and comics all took place in the same universe, you're probably right. And we've got a chart to prove it. Click through for awesome.


We've concentrated on three types of crossovers between series: Direct Crossover, where characters from one series or another have actually met in a story; Easter Egg, where elements of one series have appeared in another (often as geeky in-jokes), and Brand Crossover, where market forces have brought two disparate things together for no good reason (See Transformers/Star Wars). I'm sure that there are some that we've forgotten, but that's what the comments are for. For now, just enjoy the fact that Aliens theoretically can be said to exist in the same world as Battlestar Galactica... and get your fan-fiction typewriters revving.

(A pro-active word to the haters - No, this isn't an entirely comprehensive list; there are various crossovers that we've left off the list because we figured that no-one really cared about Warrior Nun Aurela or Cyberfrog anymore... and because we didn't want to give Stephanie any more reason to go blind in working out how to visualize all of this.)



Star trek and X-men?

And yes, Archie And The Punisher. It was advertised in many books I read (I so wanted to be Betty) as a preteen/teen.