Illustration for article titled The Upgraded iPad 2 Has Significantly Longer Battery Life Than the Latest iPad

The new iPad might have a gorgeous retina display, but a test from AnandTech shows that its predecessor gets better battery life.


Recently the iPad 2 got an upgraded processor, and that improved tablet lasts a couple hours longer than both the original iPad 2 and the iPad 3. So for $100 less ($150 if you get a refurb), you get more power. AnandTech tested the tablets performance in gaming, web browsing, and video playback, and found that this model was the last man standing each time. Ironically enough, that beautiful, super sharp screen on Apple's new slate is partially to blame for its power performance, as is its stronger processor. So the addition of those nice new features—touted as reasons to buy the new iPad— are not without sacrifice.


Though it goes against that idea that newer is better, you might consider going with the upgraded second iPad if you want a tablet. As tested in the Gawker offices, a lot of people can't even tell the difference between the new iPad and its younger brother. [AndandTech]

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