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The US and South Korea's biggest live fire drill ever was pure madness

There are so many things going on in this year’s US and South Korea’s live fire exercise that it’s hard to remember what you’re seeing because each drill just keeps raising the ante over the previous one. All I know is that there were a ton of tanks, helicopters that filled the sky, planes that scorched flybys, and so many explosions that ripped up the Earth.


It was the biggest live-fire exercise that South Korea has ever done and involved 3,000 US and South Korean soldiers, over 100 tanks and armored vehicles, 120 heavy guns, 45 helicopters, and more than 40 fighter jets.

The AFP writes:

The drill opened with a simulated North Korean attack on a South Korean guard post...

...The second stage of the exercise played out a North Korean raid across the heavily fortified border.

The final element was a counter-attack and simulated advance by South Korean and US mechanised units deep into North Korean territory to destroy missile facilities, command posts and other key facilities near Pyongyang.


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I’m not a military guru so forgive my ignorance: when they do these exercises, do they pretend there are make-believe enemies in a certain location, or are there actually people and vehicles that are acting as if they were the enemy? And why did some of the tanks have blue and yellow flags? Are those the pretend-enemies (if so, that would answer my first question...)?