The Weirdest iPhone Dock Is This Adorable Dancing Alien Robot

Here's something you never knew you needed in your life: an iPhone/Android phone dock that actually dances to the beat of the music it plays. Called Shimi, it's the sort of stupid silly fun that makes robots adorable.


Developed by Tovbot, Shimi the bot can read the beat of music, recognize gestures and facial expressions using the phone's camera and can even keep you updated on the happenings on Twitter and Facebook. Watch the video above, Shimi goes from looking like an eyesore to completely unnecessary to oh man, I gotta have one in about half a minute. It's a digital pet with more rhythm than you.

Though Shimi is currently just a prototype, Tovbot will be showing off Shimi at Google I/O. Dance on, botman. [Tovbot via The Next Web]

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Awww. I want!