The White House Is Full of iPad Users

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Gadget-savvy Barack Obama has surrounded himself with iPad owners, it appears. Joe Biden's got one. Communications/press members Dan Pfeiffer, Ben Finkenbinder and Bill Burton smear fingerprints on theirs. Even Economic adviser Larry Summers shelled out for the pricey device.


The Washing Post got busy asking the White House staffers which apps they use on their iPads, and received some surprising results. Turns out economic adviser Summers is fond of Scrabble, as well as the Bloomberg app. None too surprising there. Deputy press secretary Burton likes reading the Vanity Fair magazine app, playing Scrabble, and has even downloaded the final season of Lost.

Even Republicans have been seen with the iPad in the White House, with Republican consultant Russell Schreifer filling his 64GB 3G model with a couple of books (Evan Thomas' The War Lovers, and Seth Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter); an Elmo book for his daughter, and Epicurious for cooking.

Still waiting to hear whether Obama himself has one, though considering he's a BlackBerry man through-and-through I should hope not. [Washington Post and YouTube - Thanks, Daniel!]

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"Gadget-savvy Barack Obama"?

I would prefer my President to be "leader-savvy", which Obama is not. So I'll be glad when his one term is up so we can get back to being the best country in the world.