The White House's Christmas Decor Looks Straight Out of a Horror Film

Forget the Upside Down. The real strangest thing of 2017 is that the White House has chosen to get into the Christmas spirit by making the Presidential residence look like a dark alternate dimension where everything is dying and all hope is lost. I mean, it’s definitely appropriate, but it’s still a bizarre decision.


White House communications director Stephanie Grisham shared this peek at First Lady Melania Trump’s first-ever holiday decorations at the White House, and it’s basically a scene out of a horror film. Gaze at the deadened branches as they cast evil, ominous shadows over the walls, looking as if they’re stretching their fury into a grey, listless sky.

Granted, the hallway looks nicer when it’s fully lit up, although there’s still the problem that the decorations are so boring they make the White House way too white and unpleasant (cough). But the staff can’t leave the lights on all the time—and when they’re off, the nightmare becomes real, turning this spot into one of the scariest hallways in America.

But let’s not dwell on its obvious unpleasantries. I’m not one to look a terrifying gift horse in the mouth! Let’s conjure up some festive comparisons, shall we?

  • The forest that warns Chris against the impending Sunken Place
  • Judge Frollo’s new frolicking room where he sings about how “the devil is so much stronger than a man”
  • The woods from The Witch (also M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village)
  • Snow White’s escape route from the Huntsman
  • The White Witch’s favorite forest in Narnia, before those pesky kings and queens come in to spoil her fun
  • Basically any episode of American Horror Story
  • That spot where Voldemort drank a unicorn’s blood
  • The road to the Cabin in the Woods, somewhere in between the creepy gas station attendant and all the death in the universe

What other comparisons do you see in this little shop of holiday horrors? Leave yours in the comments.



Let’s conjure up some festive comparisons, shall we?

The boat tunnel from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The forest where they killed Bambi’s mom