The WiSIP: new voice over WiFi phone

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Jeff Pulver's new company, pulverInnovations, has come out with a WiFi phone that can make VoIP phone calls over 802.11b. Right now the WiSIP is mainly meant to be used with Free World Dialup, Jeff's Voice over IP calling network for making free calls to other Free World Dialup users, so it's not rather limited in what you can do with it, but we chatted with Jeff yesterday, and he says they're working with Vonage to make a WiSIP phone that's compatible with Vonage's VoIP service. The big deal about that is that unlike Free World Dialup, users of Vonage's VoIP service can call any phone number anywhere and get a regular ten-digit phone number so they can receive calls just like they would on a landline. Combine that with a WiSIP, and suddenly you have a wireless phone that can make supercheap phone calls from anywhere you can get WiFi.


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