The World's Biggest Insect Is So Freaking Huge It Can Eat a Carrot

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Photo: Mike Locke (Flickr (CC-BY-ND 2.0))

Say hello to the spine-tingling Giant Weta. What is a Giant Weta, you ask? Well, it’s a gigantic cricket-like insect that’s also the largest insect in the world. It’s as heavy as three mice and even bigger than some birds. BE AFRAID LITTLE HUMANS.


The wingspan of this insect (I don’t feel like the word insect does this thing justice) is only 7 inches but look at the thing on a human’s hands, it’s alien, it’s not right, I get queasy looking at it. Luckily, the Giant Weta is only found on Little Barrier Island in New Zealand so I’ll just avoid that area for the rest of my life and live in peace. The island actually helps the Giant Weta grow so monstrously large because there are fewer predators in its habitat. Not cool.

This Giant Weta is the biggest ever photographed and was found by Adventurer Mark Moffett. Moffett scurried up the courage to hold the Giant Weta and feed it a carrot. I’m surprised the damn monster bug didn’t bite off his finger. [Daily Mail]

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Every so often I come across a story of a creature that I did not realize could exist on Earth. Something really crazy and alien or prehistoric. Yet it's here, it's alive today, and if I ever came up on one I would totally and completely evacuate my bowels into my shorts.

The Giant Weta definitely fits in that category. Ho-le-shit! So does the Giant Isopod, which seems close enough to an insect that I wonder if it could technically compete for the biggest bug title.