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Every child and every adult who wants to be a child again loves a good Nerf gun. They’re fun to shoot, whether you’re playing in your yard or across cubicles, and they’re fun to be shot at with, because Nerf guns are mostly harmless. Well, the game done changed. Mark Rober has invented the world’s biggest Nerf gun and it is beyond awesomely badass while being totally hilarious.

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We’re talking about darts—made of toilet plungers and pool noodles—firing out of the gun at 40 MPH. We’re talking about projectiles that can fly for over 130 yards. We’re talking about a gun so comically ginormous, it’s bigger than most children. We’re talking about the coolest, funnest, awesomest, best-est Nerf gun ever made. Watch Mark Rober shoot in action here:

The world’s biggest Nerf gun works with a 3000 psi paintball tank that shoots air into a firing chamber when the trigger is pushed forward. When you’re ready to shoot, pull the giant trigger back and the firing chamber kicks air into the main cylinder, shooting the dart out. It’s beautiful.


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