The World's First Convertible Motor Home Is One Obscene Creation

If you roll your eyes when someone claims that inhabiting a massive luxury RV counts as "camping," you're not going to like this. As if showers, giant TVs, and microwaves weren't already overkill enough, a bunch of crazy German automakers have created what is possibly the world's first motorhome with a convertible roof, letting you experience Mother Nature in total, windblown comfort.


The Skydancer 7.5 is just a concept at this point, but its creators have built a working prototype based on a Mercedes Atego cargo truck with heavy modifications. Many motorhomes use the space above the driver's cab for storage or sleeping, but the Skydancer actually places the driver and passenger above the engine in the front, so that a sliding convertible roof could be implemented. Overkill? For sure. But when driving through scenic countryside it would certainly provide a better view.

Designed to comfortably transport and sleep four passengers, the Skydancer 7.5 has room for all the normal amenities one would expect in a vehicle this size, like a bed, bathroom, shower, etc. They just all haven't been installed or implemented given this is a proof-of-concept prototype. One that some lucky soul with just under $104,000, and a love of the wind in their hair, can purchase. [Skydancer via Gizmag via Examiner via]

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