The Woz Guest-DJs on XM Radio

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The man, the myth, Steve Wozniak landed himself a little guest DJing gig on XM Radio 15, the Village. The show is appropriately titled: Guest DJ On A Segway—because of Woz's obsession with the Segway. On his show he talks about his latest book, iWoz: From Computer Geek To Cult Icon along with playing his 28 favorite songs of all time (narrowed down from 500 or so originally selected).

The show is on right now (noon to 4:30 ET), with replays airing all weekend. Jump to get the specific times for the replays. I'm not a big fan of his style of music, but it is always nice to see (or hear, rather) the Woz cut loose on air. Follow the linkage to see the interesting (and kind of lengthy) story of how the Woz landed this guest DJ gig. Congrats, Woz. I think you have finally made it big.


Story [Via Orbitcast]

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