The Xoom Super Bowl Ad: 1984 Meets 2011

Xoom's coming soon, but how is Motorola going to introduce its iPad foe to the general public? The Super Bowl, of course! And the biggest tech ad to invoke 1984 since... well... hmmm, let's see. Oh, right. Apple.

Motorola's Super Bowl spot—of which we only get to see a short clip here—doesn't share much in common with Apple's iconic Macintosh spot, but the company makes its target clear with one swipe of an ebook. The original 1984 Apple ad is one of the most memorable in tech—and advertising—history. A then-huge $1.5 million budget. Directed by Ridley Scott. And, incidentally, a Super Bowl debut. Motorola's is a bunch of people in white hoodies.


But the reference—we'll stop short of calling it an homage—is clear, and could be read as a bold statement to tech junkies. A promise that the Xoom won't just be the best Android tablet of the year, but a device that elevates our concept of what technology can be and do. That sublimates the discussion. That shatters the sameness of our day to day meanderings. That, in fact, paints Apple in the role of the mind-washing monolith it swung a hammer through 25 years ago.

Or, you know, it could just be a coincidence. [AndroidCentral]

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The campaign doesn't really resinate with me. I saw the original in 1984 and remember. Apple has 5-10% share of the market in desktops and mobile phones. In 1984, IBM had virtually 100% of the market in PC's and the public had little choice and IBM's were a pain to use for the general public. In the original timeframe here, IBM wasn't a choice of consumers, it was a choice of corporations.

With this ad, it would seem Moto is basically attacking consumer's choices and calling those consumers drones, not asking them to try the Xoom but essentially attacking them with an ad hominem. I think this could backlash on them.

Apple was a virtual unknown in 1984, Motorola is known all over the world today and is a well known brand.

There are some parallels with the Xoom as underdog taking on the iPad, but the operating system, android, sells more than iOS, so not really.

It's nice red meat for the choir, but I think they should spend time showing the Xoom and what it can do and why its also a good choice, not attacking the Apple consumer which I'm sure they would like to make a Moto consumer.

I believe the Mac vs. PC ads were in the same vein as this one and that sure didn't move the market share needle in desktops too much for Apple.