The ZeroMac: If Apple Totally Lost Its Mojo

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Whether you love it or hate it, can you neutralize the hallmarks of a brand? That's what designer Sebastian Müller asked as he molded this concrete creation meant to bring Apple's pH levels to 7.

The ZeroMac, a 10 cubic inch concrete block, is an enchantingly useless size that's "too big to carry but too small to sit on" (as summed up by Core77). It can't download music, and its edges are too rough for one of those close-up hands-on commercials. The ZeroMac is good for no single purpose and it could be mass produced by absolutely anyone with a few pieces of wood and an hour of time.


But maybe the design was a bit of a failure, because while the ZeroMac may be useless, I think an actual (functional) computer suspended in a seamless concrete cube would sell like hotcakes, from Apple or anyone else. [Sebastian Müller via Core77]