The Zune Player Is Dead (For Real This Time)

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Looks like the Zune player's Samuel-Clemens-greatly-exaggerated demise yesterday was, well, not so greatly exaggerated. The new official word from Microsoft is that it will "no longer be producing Zune players."


After prematurely yanking the Zune HD off of the Zune website yesterday, Microsoft had originally claimed it was a publishing error. Nope. This is the end of the road for the hardware end of the Zune line, though the official post notes that the company will continue to honor warranties and provide customer service for recently-purchased Zunes or, god help you, to anyone who buys one going forward.

The future of Zune will be Windows Phone now, and it's a pretty pleasant-looking one to be honest. Well, Windows Phone and an admittedly hobbled Zune Music Pass. But for now, lament the loss of the little music player that never quite got a fair shake. [Zune via WinRumors via Techmeme]


"or, god help you, to anyone who buys one going forward"

Even if it never receives another firmware update or app, I still strongly recommend the Zune HD to anybody looking to buy a standalone music player today. It's a vastly better music player than the iPod touch.

The iPod touch has a lot of other strengths, and if you're looking for those then you should get one, but if you already have a smartphone then most of those strengths are completely redundant. If you're just looking for a no-nonsense music player that enables a great listening experience without murdering the battery on your main communication lifeline, there simply aren't any better options on the market than the Zune HD and Microsoft's decision to discontinue production doesn't change that reality in the slightest.