The Zune Is Gone (Updated: It's Back!)

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Something's conspicuously missing from the Zune's website: The Zune. Zune Music Pass and software for Windows and phones remains, but the oft (and unfairly) maligned MP3 player itself has vanished. Is the Zune officially dead? Update: No.

We're waiting on a confirmation from Microsoft, but it's hard to find any mention at all of the device—completely scrubbed from the page. Instead, we're now greeted by lots of Zune-ing Windows Phones and Xboxes. Methinks the plug is pulled—time to warm up a seat in the gadget afterlife for the iPod, buddy. [Zune via Ed Bott]

Update: Well gosh darn, that was a harrowing hour or so! The Zune HD is back on the site, and Microsoft says it was a "publishing error." Lowering MP3 death preparedness to DEFCON 5.

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I have actually never in my life seen a Zune in the wild. Never seen someone holding one. That being said, the current Zune lineup you linked to in the article - those machines look beautiful. Aesthetically, I love them.