Thecus 1TB Music Server

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The Thecus Y.E.S. Box is an all-in-one music server great for any home with multiple PCs all wanting to share music easily. There are a variety of different models—a barebones unit that comes with no hard drives, a base 120GB model and lastly a model featuring two 500GB SATA drives for 1TB of completely legal music goodness. The Y.E.S. Box can also function as a photo server and can also be an FTP server for music sharing anywhere. It is powered by a Intel chip, has 256MB of RAM, optional Wi-Fi, 2x Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0. The barebones unit begins at $459 and the 1TB model runs upwards of $1500.


Product Page [Via BIOS]



Just bought a fully populated (2x 500GB drives) from myBoomBox in the UK (Thecus N2100 YES Box Media Server) and have started loading it up with all my music, movies and software.

Using a couple of Roku (Pinnacle) SoundBridge players and a Helios X5000 to play it all back...