There Are Multiple Critters Crammed Inside These Transforming Plush Toys

If you thought transforming toys had to be made of plastic and were limited to either robot or vehicle modes, these Pop Out Pets say otherwise. They're stuffed animals that secretly contain two or three other plush critters tucked away inside that are revealed when you turn them inside-out. It's a little macabre, yes, but when your kid tires of dolphins in the middle of a long car ride you'll be real happy there's a walrus and turtle in reserve.


The Pop Out Pets come in other animal varieties too, including a farm collection and a jungle-themed set. And while the 3-in-1 versions run $30, the more advanced and slightly over-stuffed 4-in-1 sets are a bit more expensive at $35. But both options score through the roof in terms of replay value, letting kids switch between whatever happens to be their favorite animal of the moment. [Pop Out Pets via Fancy]

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