You know what this house needs? More fictional alien trophy hunter masks. It really ties the whole place together, don't you think?

This lovely Villa is up for sale in Kalmar, Sweden, and from the outside, it looks pretty normal. That is until you start noticing the Predator masks adorning the walls, before coming to the giant Predator statue, right next to the door that leads into an Home Theatre seen in the header image above, designed to look like a Predator Spaceship.


What sci-fi movie franchise does this home owner like? I'm guessing Alien.

It's not even the only odd thing about the house, which happens to come with a disco/music room in the attic as well. Awesome! If you happen to love Predator and are looking for a house in Sweden, it's going for 2, 375,000 Krona, or roughly around $320,000.

[Bloody Disgusting]

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