There's a microSD Slot Hidden Inside This Card Reader's USB Connector

MicroSD cards have become the standard currency for mobile devices that offer an external storage option. And to make it extra easy to speedily share files back and forth between devices like your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, ADATA has created this tiny card reader that cleverly hides its slot for a microSD card right inside its USB connector.


That's not the only space-saving trick the OTG microReader has up its sleeve. For mobile devices lacking a microSD slot of their own, the reader has both USB and microUSB connectors so you can connect it to smartphones or tablets that support the USB OTG—or On The Go—standard. The $10 microReader's USB and microUSB connectors also both retract, at the same time, leaving you with a very compact device that's easy to bring along without the worry of losing an annoying removable endcap.


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