A Solar Cell Snowboard Powers Your Gadgets While You Cruise

A couple of years ago the folks at Signal Snowboards tried their hand at making a board with a thin layer of solar cells on top to charge a battery while it careened down the slopes. Not only was their creation a success, it actually worked so well the company decided to put it into production, and it's now available in their online store.

At $750 the Solar Hybrid might seem like overkill, after all, you're on a mountain to snowboard, not browse Twitter on your phone. But these days snowboarders hit the slopes decked out in action cameras, HUD goggles, wireless headphones, and plenty of other gadgets that could benefit from a 2,000 mAh portable charger. You'll need a solid five hours of direct sunlight to completely top off its battery, but that's just a solid excuse to keep hitting the chairlift until the sun sets. [Signal Snowboards]


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