There's A Strange Paradox In The Premise Of Jurassic World

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For as long as the scientists in Jurassic Park has been brewing up in wingless dragons in its labs, the results of their experiments have all had one thing in common: none of them were real dinosaurs. So what makes their latest monstrosity so different?


In response to the newest Jurassic World trailer — which featured the lab-grown, dinosaur mashup/serial killer who more or less stars in the flick — a question popped up: Would audiences who are too jaded to take the trip out to see a dinosaur in action be any more excited just because this dinosaur is slightly further off the historical draft than the earlier ones Jurassic Park scientists cooked up?

Not likely, said some commenters:


See, here’s my problem with the central premise. That new dinosaur that they put all the time and money and effort into engineering... Looks like a dinosaur. If you showed me that and told me it was a newly discovered species, I wouldn’t question it.

So what was the point in making the damn thing? Why are people going to be more excited by that than any other exhibit?

And aside from that, early promotional materials seemed to imply that they were trying to drum up excitement because people were bored of dinosaurs and attendance had fallen (this trailer... Sort of implies they just want more customers, it doesn’t say attendance is down, but we won’t get the full story until it’s out). We’ve had zoos full of perfectly mundane animals for a long time. When attendance drops, they don’t decide to make spider horses to draw in more people.

You know what they should have done? Said fuck it, gone the whole hog and stuck wings on a T-Rex. Make an actual dragon. That would have been awesome. They’re already playing god, may as well go for broke.

Others, however, pointed out that any real world zoo with similar, although less dinosaur specific offerings, would undoubtedly do well:


I’m not sure the general public knows that the new Dino was engineered. That’s something they haven’t been clear on. Also, if a zoo posted material stating we have Spider-Horses? I’d be there. Regardless of whether they were engineered or not haha.

So the central idea is fine, we as the audience know it was engineered but the folks in the film don’t. That’s kind of the idea. They ran out of real dinos, so they made one that could be a believable new species recently discovered. That would draw in people because it’s something they’ve never seen from the past.

Thing is, we’re still discovering new Dino species all the time. Or reclassifying old ones, like the Brontosaurus. The fact that they had to come up with a new one seems to be playing on the idea of man playing god once again, which is a central theme for the JP series in general.

Meanwhile — while spider-horse may not be coming to a zoo near you — commenter thekeith82 did provide us with this, which we think conclusively proves that point that we absolutely would visit spider-horse anytime, and anywhere, it deigned to appear:

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But, spider-horses and super-intelligent dinosaurs aside, the better real-world cognate to Jurassic Park is probably less a zoo and more a very expensive theme park. If we want to imagine how it would play in the real world, the closer example to draw upon might actually be SeaWorld.


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Because I cannot unsee that damn spider-horse, I swear I’ll see you all in hell for coming up with it!