There's now a chance you can own actual bits of Pacific Rim

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There was a lot to love about Pacific Rim, especially its amazing props and world design. So diehard fans, prepare to rip your wallets right open - The Prop Store are running a massive auction of props and costumes from the movie, featuring everything from Kaiju goop to... Hannibal Chau's Desk!?


The auction, which started last Monday, will run until 12PM PDT/3PM EDT on September 12th, has already sold a host of knick knacks big and small from the movie - from tiny things like Dog Tags and Pan-Pacific Defense Corps folders, to even larger props like the aforementioned desk, which comes complete with 'rings from beakers and flasks, and blue paint stains, the remnants of Kaiju blood':

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It's not just props though, there's plenty of costumes on auction too, from the cadet blues of PDCC troopers, to the Kaiju-smeared overalls of Chau's brigade of black market scavengers. Some of the bids on these are still quite low (the Cadet uniform for example, is only going for $105 as of writing) but the popular items are are seeing bidding wars skyrocket their price tags. One of the big ticket props on sale at the moment is the white Drivesuit helmet of Charlie Hunnam's protagonist Raleigh Beckett from the movie's opening, currently going for $4,150 - but the black helmet worn by Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) sold earlier today for over twelve thousand dollars:

In a way I kind of like that hers has sold for so much more (although Raleigh's helmet still has 5 days of bidding to go). Go Mako fans!

If you're interested in putting down a bid on any of the items, you can view the auction here.

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I said it before and I'll say it again: this is drift compatible with my wallet.