Now that Apple has finally introduced widgets for iOS 8's Notification Center, we're starting to see some great ways to quickly access important info on our iPhones. But a few clever developers are pushing those widgets beyond just notifications. A new iOS game called Overglide can actually be played directly from your iPhone or iPad's Notification Screen, without even having to unlock your device.

The game itself is more of a simple Flappy Bird clone than a graphically lush title like Infinity Blade, but it's a game nonetheless, and one you can play while pretending to peek at your inbox or check your calendar.


There's a good chance Apple might decide to pull the game once they realize what it does, based on the company's recent knee-jerk reaction to a functional Notification Screen calculator widget. But it eventually backed down there, so hopefully Overglide is just the first of countless simple widget games to hit the iTunes App Store. [iTunes App Store via AppShopper]