There's Now a Murdered Out All-Black Version of Sphero's Ollie

If the Ollie's white and blue color scheme seems a little too cutesy for you to take it seriously as an RC toy, Sphero has finally released the Darkside version with everything—including the body, the wheels, and even the charging cable—completely murdered out in an all-black finish.


You'll pay a bit of a premium for the Darkside version, but your $150 also gets you an extra set of Turbo tires, and an extra pair of Flux hubs so you can customize this Ollie to your tastes. Everything else is the same including its top speed of around 14mph and its built-in LED light show, except that this model is a little easier to lose if you're playing with it in the dark and the battery dies. [Sphero via SlashGear]

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