Thermador Liberty Shelf: Motorized Refrigerator Shelves Are Way Cool

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As appliance manufacturers grope for techno-ideas with little success, Thermador creates an innovative design that could actually be useful: the Liberty Shelf, motorized refrigerator shelves that move up and down to accommodate items of various heights. Sure, you can do this manually, but have you tried it when the shelf is full of 40-ounce Colt 45s? It's damn near impossible, especially when half of those bottles have been emptied already.

The Liberty Shelf is part of Thermador's Freedom Collection of flush-mounted built-in-style refrigerators, and there are a lot more innovative features inside these fridges, too, such as halogen light towers, an electronic control panel similar to those in $5500 Sub-Zero refrigerators, and the Freedom Hinge that opens up to 115 degrees. All this coolness will cost you, though, between $3500 and $4300 depending on size and options.


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