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These 15 Cities Have Sprint LTE Service Right Now

Illustration for article titled These 15 Cities Have Sprint LTE Service Right Now

If you live in Texas, Georgia, or the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, you might have woken up to suddenly zippier wireless data speeds. Sprint has now switched on 4G LTE service in 15 markets.


Here's a complete list of the covered areas from Sprint:

Georgia: Atlanta, Athens, Calhoun, Carrollton, Newnan, Rome,

Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth, Granbury-Hood County, Houston, Huntsville, San Antonio, Waco,

Missouri: Kansas City, St. Joseph

Kansas: Kansas City

That's not a huge LTE offering compared to some of Sprint's competitors; Verizon LTE, for example, is available in 304 markets right now. Hopefully it will perform better than the initial speed tests reported last month suggested. [Sprint via The Verge]


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Do you reckon they could turn on 3G in New York / Brooklyn?