These 7 wildly creative burgers look so damn tasty

There’s probably not a person on this planet that would associate burgers with Christmas but after watching this video from Food, People, Places, I just might start. They made burgers inspired (very loosely!) by Christmas and the sheer visual deliciousness of all their wild creations is so incredible and the recipes are so inventive that Christmas dinner should just be a sampler platter of all 7 of these burgers.

We’re talking a deer meat burger that uses a Yorkshire pudding bun, deer meat patty and poached pear. A duck breast burger with a potato Knodel bun. Pulled goose, brussel sprout chips, chestnut squash patties. I mean, this is wild stuff. And I want to eat it all.


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I’ve a weird palate when it comes to mince. I’ve gone to burger houses, restaurants and grill nights and whilst i can (very much) appreciate an expertly made steak, done in any number of ways.... i’ve never eaten a classy burger that I thought was more satisfying than a McD’s or just your garden variety frozen slab of processed meat.

There’s just something about the cheapest minced meat around I find way more tasty.

Same with my spag bol. Get me some quality meat and i’m like ‘well, its better than salad, i suppose’ but get me some cheap shit from Iceland that like 70% water/fat and its like mana from heaven.

Like I said. Weird.