Painting walls is a pain, but wallpapering seems like it would be way, way worse; mostly just because of the prep, and the annoying process of making sure every panel matches up. Which is what makes Cut & Paste from All the Fruits seem so cool; each roll is a mix-and-match of patterns designed to complement each other without being a perfect repeat. Brilliant!


Of course it doesn't hurt that these motifs are so damn nice; a super mish-mash of colors, shapes, prints and solids.

It would look pretty neat on just a single wall, or plastered around your place in small squares or longer stretches. I can see how it wouldn't be for everyone—particularly those who aren't into visual "clutter"—but for folks whose tastes allow for a little more chaos—me! me!—this collection looks like a breath of fresh (crazy) air. All the Fruits is working on their online store now. [Design Milk]


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