If you’re headed off on vacation, you’re probably flying somewhere warm. If it’s business travel, you might not be so lucky. So the Arland airport in Stockholm, Sweden, has installed three climate-controlled rooms that let travelers experience the weather of the city they’re heading to.

Sure, it’s a publicity stunt by the airport to help brag about all the worldwide destinations it serves, but the rooms do have a practical application. Using heaters, air conditioners, fans, misters, and even audio-visual aides, you can get a good feel of what the conditions will be like at your destination at the current time.


So if it’s freezing, and you forgot to pack a sweater, you can hit up the duty-free store before boarding. If it’s pouring down rain, you can ensure there’s an umbrella at the ready in your carry-on for when you arrive. And if the air conditioning at your gate is too intense, you can just tell one of the rooms you’re headed to Hawaii, and then take a few minutes to warm up.

[Swedavia via PSFK]

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