These Architectural Posters Were Printed With Bike Tires And Ink

Biking to the top of the Empire State Building ain't gonna happen. But hey: Rolling across a sheet of loose leaf can give a pretty fantastic, small-scale interpretation of the Big Apple icon. Seven different inked-up tire tracks came together to make this cool print—it just might be the closest you'll get to scaling the heights.


It's the latest from 100 Copies, which combines Singapore creative director Thomas Yang's dual loves—art and cycling—into a fun series of limited edition works. Unfortunately, limited edition means limited; if you're in love with this one in particular, it's already sold out.

But I'm tempted to try something like it myself. I wonder what other architectural landmarks could be managed with road treads, a clean sheet of paper, and a bit of patience. For extra authenticity, you could go for it after a particularly filthy ride. Or if you're not feeling creative, check back in at 100 Copies soon to see what's coming up next. [100 Copies]


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