These ATMs would be perfect if the world was filled with giant oafs and little imps but uh, it's not. That's why they're so completely horribleā€”normal people can't reach one ATM because it's too high while they have to go down to their knees to use the other.

What's even sicker is that the two ATMs are down the road from each other in Timisoara, Romania. Who calls the shot in Timisoara? Is it a power struggle between Yao Ming and the guy who played Mini-me? A place where using money is shunned upon? Nope, just banks that don't give a hoot.

The high one was supposed to have a staircase leading to it but the bank forgot to get planning permission. And the bank with the low ATM say it had to go there because they are in a listed building and the only access point was a basement window. These are just excuses for treating their customers without respect


The unreachable ATM stands about 6 foot tall, which is uh, taller than most people. So hilariously dumb. [Arbroath]