These Are the Three Biggest Questions Star Wars Rebels Will Likely Answer in the End

Image: Disney XD
Image: Disney XD

In a way, we already know how Star Wars Rebels ends. The Rebels form a strong alliance, a band of them steals the Death Star plans, Luke Skywalker blows it up, and the Empire is staggered. But before any of that can happen, the show has to answer some very important questions.


Last week, I asked Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni about the things he’s most excited to reveal in the fourth and final season. Usually, when you ask a creator questions that could result in specific, potentially spoiler-filled answers, they won’t reveal anything. But, after some internal debating, Filoni did answer, and gave three expected, but welcome, responses.

First was the Jedi question. “I will say just explaining Ezra’s past and what happens to him and Kanan is a big one,” Filoni said. “Because people have been all over that, seeing as they don’t see many force wielders in A New Hope.”

Guilty as charged.

Second: the Thrawn question. “We brought Thrawn into the picture, so we have to answer questions about him,” Filoni added.

Again, very true.


And third, the Ahsoka question. “And I would say, just because it’s been a constant question that I’ve gotten, people keep wondering what happens to a character like Ahsoka,” he said.

Yes, we do.


“I would say that all of these things are on the table this season, because you try to answer all those things in the course of the series,” Filoni continued. “So we tried to really bring all those answers to bear, whether people would like the answer or not, because it’s got to be contained within this story. So all those things were on the table going into this season.”

Now, obviously these are the three biggest things fans wonder about Rebels, and they won’t be the only things the show addresses. But there’s definitely a level of comfort in hearing Filoni straight out suggest those questions will be answered.


Star Wars Rebels airs Mondays on Disney XD.

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I actually don’t want to see Ashoka again.

That second series finale was so satisfying. I even go as far to say it was the best hour of Star Wars, ever.

She squared off against her old master. She wouldn’t abandon him. For a brief moment he came back to the light. It was perfect.

In the end, we saw that she in some form survived.

IMO, her character arc is complete.