These Batman V. Superman custom figures are as good as the real thing

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We've not seen much of DC's upcoming superhero blockbuster outside of a few teasing pictures, but that's not stopped fans crafting custom figures of the heroes yet - and FigureRealm user STjuggernaut's take on Batman and Wonder Woman are pretty fantastic.

Although he's not got round to making a Superman variant - the Man of Steel toy he made is good enough, considering the minimal changes to the suit's design for the new movie - the Batman and Wonder Woman, crafted in the 4" scale, are incredibly well done. Batman even comes with a maskless Ben Affleck head too!


But the real star of the show for me is Wonder Woman. Kitbashed from elements of other figures - touch of She-Hulk here, the body of Black Widow there - and then her armour sculpted by hand, she actually looks great. The toy looks even better than Gal Gadot's promo picture does! Let's hope the inevitable toy tie-ins for Dawn of Justice look as good as these guys do.


You can see more of STJuggernaut's custom figures at his FigureRealms account page linked below.



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