These Crazy Coin Stack Sculptures Seem Impossible

Japanese artist Thumb Tani may have negotiated some deal with how gravity works on Earth for his coin sculptures. Or maybe he is somehow channeling Magneto’s superpowers. No way could be just carefully placing these coins on top of each other, because I struggle with making a nickel stand up straight.


The structures are pretty wild with coins stacked, interlocked, and laced together in every imaginable way, sometimes with different objects thrown in to make it look even more ridiculous.



[Thumb Tani via The Awesomer]

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Lenny Valentin

Interesting stuff, and surely artistic and creative, but a whole bunch of these - if not all of them - isn’t as much balancing coins as supergluing them together. If it seems impossible, well, that’s because it is. :)

The header jiff image for example would never stand up on its own; there’s nothing holding up the middle of the bridge of coins, it would collapse from the bottom up under its own weight, and certainly after the tower is added on top.