These DC Superhero Cafes Will Feed You Bat-Waffles

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And Superman pancakes. Malaysia has two licensed DC Super Hero Cafes, with a third scheduled to open in Singapore next month. The casual dining joints, run by a company that owns a chain of DC retail stores across Asia, feature flashy comic-book theming and signature superhero dishes and drinks.


It seems Batman’s domination of the DC universe extends to themed cafes. The Dark Knight Wagyu Beef Burger—served on a black bun with a cheese Bat-Signal on top—is clearly the best sandwich on the menu, putting Wonder Woman’s turkey roll and Superman’s chicken burrito to shame. Batman also gets to be a waffle topping. At least Aquaman gets the shrimp cocktail—but wait, would Aquaman eat shrimp? They’re his friends!

The coffee drinks with superhero foam art are another nice touch: