These Early Potential Versions Of E.T. Are Pretty Freaky

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And speaking of a movie that terrified me as a child and I loathe to this very day, special effect guru Rick Baker has just apparently released some of the early designs of the aliens from Night Skies, an unmade Steven Spielberg movie whose designs led directly to E.T.

As Cinematallica tells it, Night Skies was going to be about 11 distinct aliens, and Spielberg met with Baker to create some concepts. One of them was clearly the eventually inspiration for E.T.


It's basically a more adult, more masculine(?) E.T. It kind of freaks me out that he has Steven Tyler's lips, but whatever. But what if Spielberg had picked one of Baker's other designs as E.T.'s inspiration? Here are two other Night Skies alien mock-ups:


God, I would have preferred this dude as E.T. He's not trying to be adorable and failing miserably at it, nor does he look friendly enough to want to mistakenly abduct me as a child.







...if you'll excuse me, I need to go drink myself to death.

[Via Comic Book Movie]