These Eye-Popping Rugs Are Actually Perfectly Flat

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These rugs, which depict the five senses of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing, seem to leap out as three-dimensional shapes as you look at them. Weirdly, though, they are in fact perfectly flat.

The designs were created using a wireframe 3D model of the human body, and then translated onto the 2D surface of the rugs. The result is a real sense of depth, which makes the images look like they're literally popping up out of the floor.

There's no denying they're cool—but cool comes at a price. Handmade from pure New Zealand wool, they take 3-4 weeks each to make and, as a result, cost a heady $1,000 a pop. [Lazerian via Moco Loco]

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I am no longer on this site. Am on twitter as @PixelSnader

Those don't trick my eyes, not even a little.

*attached* however, works really really well.