These fan-made Peter Capaldi Doctor Who credits are astounding

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Can't wait to see Peter Capaldi take ownership of the TARDIS in 2014? 3-D artist NeonVisual (aka Xander David-Hugh) has you covered. He's created some brand new Capaldi opening credits that look neat enough to be the real thing.

Meanwhile, if you're a massive Doctor Who fan and want to get married during the 50th anniversary celebrations, here's your chance. (Assuming you have someone you want to marry, who also likes Doctor Who a lot.) The folks at Special Events Group are looking for 50 couples who want to get married (or renew their vows) at a Doctor Who group wedding at a "luxurious venue" in London this November. You just have to email them with the couple's ages, names, contact info and some stuff about just how much of a Who fan you both are.

[via Den of Geek]