These Insanely Adorable Marvel Plushes Are Earth's Squishiest Heroes

Disney’s ridiculously addictive “Tsum Tsum” puzzle app has spawned a merchandising fury of its own, as fans desperately try to get cuddly versions of the cutesy, stackable Disney characters from the game. But now Marvel’s heroes are joining in on the fun, and have never looked cuter.

For those not in the know, Tsum Tsum is a Disney mobile game that is based around matching and stacking cutesy, squished versions of popular characters. It’s largely been restricted to Disney’s own animated stable of characters, and exploded in popularity last year after a line of collectible plushes based on the designs from the game were released at Disney stores, prompting fan hysteria and grown adults going gaga over the little cuddly toys. How can you whip these Tsum Tsum diehards into an even stronger frenzy? Enlist a little help from the Avengers and pals.


The wee plushes—which sort of look like a cross between a Marvel character and a guinea pig, weirdly enough—will largely begin with a focus on the Avengers, and a Spider-Man Tsum Tsum loosely based on the character’s look in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. The Avengers will be represented by Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Black Widow, who will inevitably be placed on top of the Tsum Tsum pyramid stack as the rightful queen of cute plushies. Each plush is also available in different sizes, depending on just how large you’d like your soft stack of plushies to be (and how willing you are to display your love of cutesy phone apps).

Personally? I can’t wait to see Disney go whole hog and do Star Wars in this style. Little stackable Stormtroopers! D’aaaw.


The heart-cloggingly cute Marvel Tsum Tsum will be available from October 6th at Disney Stores and online.

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