A long, long time ago, in a land where people had yet to even ponder words like "Reddit" and "Twitter," a bright-eyed arts and crafts company decided to embrace this crazy thing called the information superhighway. The year was 1997, and that company was Crayola. The results are absolutely glorious.


Dubbed the "Techno Brite" collection, the limited edition set featured 16 neon and regular crayons intermixed and bearing some of the most wonderfully dated names we could ever hope for. Titles like "floppy yellow" and "web surfin' blue" attest to the early epoch of internet culture under which they were created. While others like "www.purple" attest to the fact that, for the most part, no one had any idea how the hell the internet actually worked.

So take a moment to appreciate that we're no long in the days of internet's past, and surf on, web patrons. Surf on. [Crayon Collecting via @jtotheizzoe]

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