Imagine if we lived in a world where, years later, Batman ‘66 was re-imagined by Wallace & Gromit creators Aardman Animation and turned into a stop-motion TV show. Not only that be THE BEST WORLD EVER, but I would imagine that the puppets looked just like these kooky, and slightly creepy, toys.

The series of four figures are made by Vinyl Sugar, who teamed up with Funko earlier this year to make the “Vinyl Idolz” line. The 8” figures are, similar to Funko’s own Pop! Vinyls, unarticulated—but their unique style exudes just as much charm. They also exude creepiness, as there’s something every so weird about the slightly offset eyes... especially on Robin.


Favourite detail though? Cesar Romero’s Joker still has his whited-out moustache, barely noticeable. That’s brilliant.

The figures will set you back $20 each when they release in October. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and dream sweet dreams about this stop-motion Batman ‘66 series some more.


[Via Robot 6]

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