These LED Goggles Should Be Our Gang Sign

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Picking a color or clothing label for a gang allegiance is just so West Side Story. In the mighty year of 2009, we need to step up gang affiliations to Clockwork Orangian levels.

So if you're a rambunctious hoodlum, consider these DIY LED goggles up for grabs. The full plans can be found over at Instructables, but they basically call for a pair of goggles, two bottlecaps and a few LEDs. You fit the white LED-loaded caps into the goggles, and they'll shine through the lenses in whatever color you'd like (the blue in this example shot is actually from the lens color.)

Oh, but there's one catch. You can't actually see through this eyewear. So your gang should work the blind aspect into the general theme. [Instructables via MAKE]