These Lovely Sony Headphones Hide Bluetooth Inside Minimalist Design

Headphones are gaudy fashion statements these days, which is why it's nice to see Sony go with a minimalist design that recalls some of its early Walkman cans.

The new SBH60 headphones might look a little retro-fantastic but don't let that fool you; they've got Bluetooth and NFC on board, and the built-in rechargeable battery is good for 13 hours of playback. Plus without wires, the minimal design looks fresh, and even more elegant and reductive than a similar wired pair from tasteful manufacturer AIAIAI.


At just 4.4 ounces. the SBH60s are incredibly lightweight. They've got an on-ear design with cozy looking cushions. Smallish—if not totally tiny—30mm drivers push air behind the pads.

At $70 overseas, the beautiful headphones are relatively affordable. and though they haven't shown up in the US Sony store yet, we sure hope they do soon. [Sony via Ubergizmo]

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