These Mysterious Rocks Caught Fire Inside a Woman's Pocket Causing Third-Degree Burns

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This is weird: these rocks combusted spontaneously inside a woman's pocket, seriously scorching her right leg and hands with third degree burns. They were collected in a beach and look fairly normal. Nobody knows yet why they started to burn with such strong flames.

The woman was a mother who spent last Saturday with her family at San Clemente Beach, in Southern California.

There were seven rocks in total, all quite small and of different colors. Some were bright green and others had streaks of colors like orange. They were collected by her kids during their day at the beach. The kids played with them for some time before she put them in her cargo shorts' pocket and returned to their home.


A few hours later, the rocks started to combust, perhaps because of the friction as she walked.

The flames were so strong that the husband also burned his hands while trying to put them out. The authorities are still testing the composition of these mysterious rocks, but the fire department believes that—given the nature of the flames—at least two of them probably contain phosphorous, which is a highly flammable substance. San Clemente's environmental authorities have been in the area and haven't detected anything out of the ordinary, declaring it safe from any public hazards.


Except for those normal looking random flaming rocks hiding under normal looking rocks, of course. [ABC Local via HuffPo]