Magical. Vincent LaForet’s stunning photo series of cities all over the world at 10,000 feet are exactly just that: magical. It lets you see cities as you’ve never seen them before. Colorful and bright and in the clouds. In extreme detail but also in its entirety. Jaw-popping, eye-dropping, the world we’ve created looks great from up there. The whole photo series is available in a huge book now called Air.

Vincent LaForet says:

“Air is a project born of my need to share an important lesson I’ve discovered over the past decade making aerial photographs: the world is much smaller than we think,” says Laforet. “Borders are irrelevant and distances shortened. Clearly, we are more intimately connected to one another than we may realize.


You can learn more about the project AIR, which was done in partnership with G-Technology, here and buy the book here.

Below are a collection of some of the cities. Would you be able to recognize them if you didn’t know which city it was? You can see other cities here too.








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